31 March 2009

A great day in London!

Little duckies in the Sepentine in Hyde Park

What a wonderful day I had! I was so tired from errands that I did yesterday (and relieved that I did them) that I was able to fall asleep by 8:30 last night.

Today woke at 9:00. Took tube to Harrods where I had tea and scones. Tipped the waitress a fiver and 50 pence. Got a bit emotional as I left as it was the last time I would have tea/scones there. Walked up to Hyde Park and sat on a bench for about an hour near the Serpentine, which is a lake. Two ducks came waddling up to me from the lake at one point and stared at me for a good minute. I explained to them that I didn't have any food, and they waddled back to the lake. None of the dogs in the park are on leashes. London dogs are very good. Very well trained. Their owners don't even pay attention to them. The owners walk ahead while the dog does as he likes -- runs off into the flowers, drinks from the lake, and then the owner, without looking back, will whistle and say the dogs name, and they instantly go running after them. They also don't nip random people on the behind. I had a medium size long haired one come right up to me, but he didn't want anything to do with me at all, didn't even notice my presence, just wanted to sniff the ground.

Walked through Mayfair afterward. The posh live in this area. A lot of Hollywood actors have apartments here. Didn't see anyone famous. Came across Savile Row, however. I have never been down this street and have always wanted to. Every shop on this street -- of which the street is entirely comprised -- are men's clothing shops, specifically for tailoring. I near salivated as I looked at all the fancy articles in the windows. I saw a documentary with Michael Caine where he explained that he goes to one of the shops on this street and has gone to the same man who tailored his clothes when he was a young man. Roger Moore, who is a good friend of Caine's, also goes to the same tailor. Very fancy. All the sales men in the finest clothes. No one in any of the shoppes it seemed. Maybe one or two customers. Mostly sales people standing guard at the door, staring at you as you stare in. Below most of the shoppes are windows where you can look in at various people hand tailoring clothes.

Went to Hamley's on Regent Street next. Notorious children's store. Six stories high. During Christmas, the street in front of the store is bordered off for the people who must stand in a long line before even getting in the shop. Men dressed in outrageously sharp colours stand outside blowing bubbles, and pull weird faces and speak into voice changing machines to get the attention of the kids as they pass with their parents. Rather opposite to the forbidding, elegantly dressed shop assistants who stand sentinel in the shops on Savile Row.

Walked my usual route home through Piccadilly Circus. Walked home without even thinking of the direction or the various streets I would need to cross to get home. Bought a sub at Subway along my way.

21 March 2009

and another thing...

While I'm at it, here is a video I made at regent's Park a few days ago, on a rather spring-like (although not yet officially spring) day.

If you don't know...

I guess I should write on here.

So I've left grad school. Leaving London on the 9th of April. I suppose I'll keep this blog. Maybe. I don't think anyone reads it anymore, except Emma. I'll probably post funny clips on here, like the mamma mia one below.

Yeah, so I'm going back home.

This is a crappy post. Don't know what else to write. I don't like to harp on things. I just do what needs to be done. Move on. I'm not one who lives in the past.

14 March 2009

mamma mia skit!

spent all night watching comic relief. this was so funny. french and saunders (legendary comedic actress in britain) doing mamma mia!!!